1. Gsh.1.jpg

    Avast! and make way, for this first screen printed edition from new client ~ Gosh! Comics.  This screen printed edition has been produced to celebrate the launch of Nemo : Heart of Ice, the new book by Alan Moore and Kevin O'Neill, and is a new piece of art produced by O'Neill exclusively for the launch, to be available only from Gosh!


    Click through below to find our more about this spectacular project. 

  2. IMG 6021.JPG

    These beautiful prints by Dan Mumford are the first installment in Dark City Gallery's exciting poster series: The Best of British Cinema. 

    Printed as a large 24" x 36" film poster, and also a smaller 18" x 24" art print, all three variants were lovingly screen printed in 6 colours with a crisp varnish overlaying the black.  Absolutely incredible prints, and also some of the most impressive work ofDan Mumford's that we've had the pleasure to screen print. 

    Keep an eye on the Dark City Gallery shop as the Best of British Cinema posters are revealed; and take it from us ~ there are some jaw-droppingly beautiful editions following hot on the heels of Wickerman. 

  3. Alkaline Trio (4).jpg

    This is the first time we've had the opportunity to work with super-illustrator Sam Dunn, but we're sure glad that we have. Take a look at the awesome Alkaline Trio poster that we worked on together!

    Printed as two colours - dark red & black - onlo bright red 270gsm Colorplan, and in an edition of 150. 

    Thanks, Sam, for the awesome artwork!  And the Alkaline Trio are currently touring the UK.

    Go see!  Go buy!

  4. Shinsx3.jpg

    Oh Yeah!

    I could go on and on about how much we loved printing these poster for The Shins, but let's just leave it at this:


    It's not often enough that you get to print more than one gig poster for a band on tour, so it's a real pleasure to print a whole set. Three posters in total, for dates in London, Paris & Berlin respectively.  All dates to promote the excellent new album Port Of Morrow.  

    London & Paris were three colour, and Berlin was 2 colour.  All 18" x 24" on Mohark Superfine, and in editions of 100.

    So great!


  5. We were approached by the very genial Daniel Irons of Facade Media with the proposition of producing a short film about White Duck Screen Print. How could we possible say no to such an offer, and Daniel promptly came in and took a snapshot of our working day.

    The result was this beautiful short.  We were so stoked with what he produced, and can't thank him enough.  

    Thank you, Daniel!

  6. Azari & Iii.jpg

    We were pretty happy to print thise poster for The Cure.  Their Reflections Tour went off, and these posters were for the final dates.

    Quite a challenging print, this one, but we were super happy with how it came out.  A2 in size, in an edition of 500, and only printed with three colours.  Perhaps surprisingly is that we printed the purple last, and not the black.  This allowed us to extend the purple right back, so that where is was against paper it was bangingly bright, and where is was over the black - ie over the halftone in the The Cure banner and in the intricate line-work that covers the rest of the poster - we got a second purple tone completely.

    This print is actually quite beautiful, from both an aesthetic and technical point of view. 

  7. Timba Montage.jpg

    We recently screen printed these two lovelies for the super talented Timba Smits. Both are now available to buy through the Timba Smits shop. Here is some info on the prints in Timba Smits own words:

    2 color Screenprint, A2 Size (594mm x 420 mm), Printed 2 color on 270gsm Acid-free off-white archival stock

    3 color Screenprint, A2 Size (594mm x 420 mm), Printed 3 color on 270gsm Acid-free off-white archival stock

    Both are hand signed and numbered featuring a sooper-dooper corner position 'Timba Smits' blind emboss stamp. Edition's of 79 copies only.


  8. Artcrank 2011.jpg

    This friday sees the return of Artcrank to London. We are pleased to again be an official sponcor for the event as well as myself contributing a print for the show.

    We are presently very busy screen printing editions for nine other contibuting artists. We have also screen printed the official poster for the show, seen here. 

    If you don't know what Artcrank is all about then think of it as a 'Poster Party For Bike People'.

    Josh and I will be at Look Mum No Hands from some time in the afternoon on friday so look forward to seeing you there. 


  9. Evil Dead.jpg

    These beautiful nine colour (including a varnish) Evil Dead screen prints are positively mind blowing. Dan Mumford's artwork translates effortlessly into screen print yet leaves the viewer perplexed by the complexity of the image. Produced in limited edition runs (100 x 'Dusk' colour way and 50 'Dawn' colour way) and are available to buy from Dark City Gallery's online shop for the modest price of £30 for Dusk and £50 for Dawn.

    Screen Printed on 270 gsm Mowhawk Superfine acid free and archival stock.



  10. 2.jpg

    This 6 colour (including a varnish on the black) screen print is on white Somerset 100% Cotton Rag stock.

    Sporting hand deckled edges and a bespoke emboss these screen Prints are a beauty to behold.

    18 X 24 Inches

    Edition of 50, signed and numbered. Priced at £75 each.

    Check out my last post to see a short film showing Josh Screen Printing these.

    Also take a look at MYNE's website and shop and grab your self a lovely piece of print.


  11. RFTS.Square.jpg

    Welcome to the start of something wonderful and exciting, the creative teaming up of screen print wizards, White Duck, and beautiful bicycle magazine mongers, Boneshaker. Here is an A2, 1 colour screen printed poster featuring a beautiful Rob Draper illustration made exclusively for Boneshaker magazine, and the first in a series of prints that are to be produced in collaboration between White Duck and the fine fellows at Boneshaker.  Produced as a limited 1st edition of just 100, onto a 270gsm acid-free and archival stock, each print will be signed and numbered by the artist and dual-embossed with the Boneshaker and White Duck insignias.  Exquisitely realised and beautifully crafted, we present to you the first poster produced under the White Duck x Boneshaker banner.

    Visit our shop to get your hands on one of these lovelies.

  12. Bs4-launch-flyer.jpg

    Well here we are and issue 4 of the magnificent Boneshaker Magazine is almost upon us. The lauch will be happening on the 25th of this month in Biristol. Details are on the flyer oposite. 

    There will be lots to see at the launch, including some rather tasty Screen Prints as part of a collaboration between ourselves Boneshaker and illustrator Rob Draper. Also I am rather excited to be showing some of my Bicycle Photography, so come along and say hello.


  13. Do-Montage.jpg

    Nice prints for the wonderful Do Lectures gang over in Cardigan, South-West Wales. This is the second poster edition they have produced, the first having been made by letter-press.  Ours, of course, is all about the screen print.  It's a two colour print of a design by Andy Smith.  The edition is printed on a 100% recycled stock called Colorset by the marvellous Fenner Paper, in a weight of 120gsm.  Finished down to A1 in size.  Edition of 150. If you haven't heard of the Do Lectures, then it's worth checking out what they're up to. Not just because you can buy some delicious prints, but also because they run some jolly pro-active events of the mind.

  14. Plike.1.jpg

    This print really was something of a pleasure to produce, mainly because of the demanding print techniques required and extraordinary stock.

    Produced for designer Sam Lambert for a recent tour by musician & sound artist Tim Hecker, this edition was printed onto black 330gsm Plike stock (which feels like leather and marks if you look at it funny) in three colours.

    First down was a solid matte black, followed by a cobweb of star constellations in varnish, then finished with a robust metallic silver. 

    The finished edition was super subtle, with much of the varnish and matte black disappearing in some lights, but when looked at from other angles, the print became ultra deep. The photographs do a surprisingly good job of showing this print off, but I'm telling you now that it's a corker beyond all previous reckoning.

  15. IMG 3329.jpg

    This is our design for the sixth FLOODIT live screen print and music event held at the Nottingham Contemporary.

    Thank you Norman and Alex, from WASTE STUDIO, for putting on such a well organised and thoroughly enjoyable evening.

    If you missed the event you can still buy a print from the Floodit online shop. Keep your eyes peeled for FLOODIT 07!!

    Print details : Edition of 20 on 135gsm Colorplan in Ebony. 1 colour screen print in Extra Opaque White.


    See more photos on our Flickr.

  16. IMG 3062.jpg

    Printing Noma Bar's distinctive negative space graphics is always a pleasure.

    Having previously screen printed a series of four of his designs for the What's Up With Illustration 2 exhibition at Mauger Modern Art gallery in Bath, we were asked to print this final piece to complete the set. 

    Bold & heavy with meaning.

    Printed in solid scarlet & black onto 270gsm acid-free cover.

    50cm x 70cm.

    Totally deluxe.

    Noma Bar

  17. Nov Poster1.jpg

    Floodit – 06 is nearing and it looks to be the biggest yet! The artists and bands taking part are all next level. Make sure you put the 20th Novemebr in your diary!!! this one is not to be missed:

    Date: 20th November 2010

    Location: Nottingham Contemporary, NG1 2GB

    Time: 8pm – late

    Price: £4 students / £5 everyone else

    Live Music from:


    Plus very special live screen printing from a bunch of very talented designers / illustrators:

    Another Example

    Matt Taylor

    Steph Says Hello

    Nate Trapnell

    Sneaky Raccoon

    Mr Penfold


    Andrew Townsend

    Nick Deakin

    The Tree House Press


    White Duck

    REMEMBER! Bring along your own blank  tees / sweaters / tote bags etc and get them printed up live for only £5 per design! Also available on the night will be A3 embossed stamps prints of each artwork.

    See you there!



  18. Marmite-1.jpg

    A couple of weeks ago, for SunHouse Creative we had the great pleasure in screen printing this mind blowing edition of 150, A1, 2 colour (black and process yellow) lovelies on 330gsm Acid Free Natralis stock. The illustration and design is by the hugely talented Chris Malbon.

    The edition has since been for sale at the Marmite Pop Up Shop in London, which by all acounts has been a huge sucsess.

    "Marmite's is the best example of a pop-up shop" - The Times

    Hats off to the guys at SunHouse, who I believe put the whole thing together in just 4 weeks!

    I bloody love the stuff myself.




  19. 20.jpg

    Bikes are the world’s most fun, accessible way to get around. Posters are the world’s most fun, accessible art form. ARTCRANK brings them together.

    The first-ever ARTCRANK London show will take place on Friday, September 17 and Saturday, September 18 in the world-famous confines of Look Mum No Hands! The show features original artwork by UK artists, priced to let you put down a pint or three and still take home all your favorite posters.


    This is our contribution. It will be for sale at a price of £15 at the show, then if there are any left over I will put them up on our shop after the show.

    It is a 3 colour screen print on 270 gsm GFSmith Colorplan Bright White Stock. The main image is made from two photographs I took at last years 'Hacksaws Challenge' bike race (Bristol to Bath and back again).

    I am so pleased with the way these came out, especially after we managed to print them on perhaps the most humid day of the year, which played hell with the paper stretching fractionally along the grain. Still managed to get an edition of 30 with the registration of the three colours bang on.

  20. AC2010 Web Flyer.gif

    Bikes are the world’s most fun, accessible way to get around. Posters are the world’s most fun, accessible art form. ARTCRANK brings them together.

    The first-ever ARTCRANK London show will take place on Friday, September 17 and Saturday, September 18 in the world-famous confines of Look Mum No Hands! The show features original artwork by UK artists, priced to let you put down a pint or three and still take home all your favorite posters.


    Adam Dedman • Andrew Diprose • Benaiah Matheson • Chris Thornley • Daniel Mackie • Emiliano Mendieta Band • Graham Pilling • Huvi Design Studio • Jonathan Hall • Laura-Kate Chapman • Lee Hasler • Marc Aspinall • Martin Tomsky • Matt Giordano Bibby • Matt Joyce • Matt Oxborrow • Matthew Slaymaker •Matthew Taylor • Norman Hayes • Ollie Munden • Ollie Shaw • Peter Carleton • Peter Locke • Pista Collective • Rebecca Cleal • Sarai Vardi • Simon Cook • Somhairle MacDonald • Susie Lowe • Vicky Scott

  21. Wilco3.jpg

    "....Chicago six-piece Wilco return to London following the release of last year's brilliant eponymous album. Critically acclaimed both on record and live, this is a very special chance to see one of the world's most respected and admired bands...."

    Tomorrow night Wilco play The Royal Festival Hall in London and we were lucky enough to print up a 4 colour limited edition run of 100 show posters which will be on sale at the gig. 

    The design is by Orlando based Lure Design Inc

  22. 4954127156 6721190ac8 B.jpg

    We are pleased to be involved in this exhibition, opening on the 10th and running for two weeks at the Howies Gallery above their shop in Bristol. The show coincides with the first Bristol Cycle Festival.

    On show will be the 100 cycling caps from the Thinking Caps project, which will be auctioned of to raise money for the Bristol Bike Project and the Bristol Bike Project will themselves be exhibiting a collection of photographs and illustrations. The brilliant Bone Shaker magazine will be exhibiting a collection of work from its contributors. Also work from Peskimo, No Gears and ourselves.

    A very bicycle themed event with lots going on. We will be there at the opening on the 10th so come along and say hello.

  23. SS1.Stripes.jpg

    Producing this punchy series of limited edition screen prints for Sam Gray from Studio Space One was a highly satisfying experience on all accounts. The clean design and solid colour pallet made for a final set of prints which hold the theme of Vertigo together in a neat, clean and thoughtful series.

    We printed this 2 Colour (Black and Yellow 012u) series 4 up on A1 270gsm GFSmith Colorplan Bright White Acid Free stock, then finished them down to 4 X A3 limited editions of 10 Screen Prints.

  24. IMG 1149.jpg

    We recently printed this rather beautiful 2 colour poster for a talk Studio 8 Design gave in May as part of The Typographic Circle events calendar. The poster was hand screen printed on Colorplan Citrine 175gsm stock which was supplied courtesy of GFSmith

    Studio8 Design is an award-winning independent graphic design studio with a reputation for delivering intelligent and engaging creative solutions. Based in central London, Studio8 was established in 2005 by Matt Willey and Zoë Bather. Working with clients both large and small, in the UK and overseas, Studio8 produces a diverse range of work that includes editorial, exhibition, signage, corporate literature, websites, and brand identities.

    I was sad to miss the talk, but very happy to have been involved in creating this elegant poster.

  25. Private Viewingflyer.png

    AnyForty have pulled together 19 incredible illustrators all working with a restricted 4 colour pallet and put together an event not to be missed. It kicks of this friday evening at Start The Bus in Bristol. Come get involved if you are in the area. We are printing up a very special limited run of 25, 123 Klan tees which will be on sale for £25 at the event. All other artworks will be for sale at the very reasonable price of £10 with all profits going to the local youth charity, Knowle West Media Centre

    Havana Club are going to support the event and provide some lovely booze for you lucky invitees.

    To come to the friday night private showing all you need to do is print out this image of the flyer, save it on your phone as a pic or get it tattooed on your face.

    You can see a little taster video here

  26. Freakshow.jpg

    Brighton Freakshow is a carefully hand selected illustration show exhibiting some of Brighton's finest image making talent. Appropriately housed in the epic setting of St. Peters Church, Freakshow will form part of the 2010 Open House Festival in Brighton, UK.

    The exhibition is curated by

    Johnny McCulloch &

    Mega Munden.

    The Exhibition will run every saturday throughout May between 10am and 5.30pm.

  27. DSC 0400 (1).jpg

    A beautiful double sided 1 colour print on Ebony 270gsm GFSmith Colorplan stock.

    We printed this edition for the very talented Elliott Grubb (aka Another Example) for the forth coming A to B exhibition at the Bird Box Gallery in Hove.

    I made a short video of WhiteDuck in screen print action during production of this edition. Check it out here. (I will try and upload it onto the blog properly soon)

  28. ABM-WD-All.jpg

    We were really excited to get involved in this event, A Beautiful Machine, coming courtesy of Howies & McFaul Studio.  For those of you who haven't seen the vast amount of tweeting and publicity surrounding this, the brief was simply "produce a piece of art based around the words A Beautiful Machine that isn't bigger than A2 and needs to be framed".  Or at least that's a summing up.

    Anyway, our 4 colour print is based around a photograph taken in Bristol during a skid comp, possibly one of the more exhilarating occasions one spends on his or her beautiful machine.

    We wanted to demonstrate with this edition some of the finer effects and nuances that screen print can achieve.  It runs like this...

    Click below


    We're really happy with our print, but this will be only one amongst some 50 exhibiting artists!  The event runs for two weeks, so check the blog for info on how, where & when to check it out.

  29. HL.1.jpg

    We printed some great tee's for Hunting Lodge's Spring 2010 NoirFun collection. Designed by Mark James these tees are really very nice indeed. If you cant make it to the Hunting Lodge shop in Norway no worries because they are now up for sale on the Hunting Lodge online shop I especially liked the 'Lobstar' design.

    There is a nice post on the Hunting Lodge blog showing the tee's in store.

    Also featured on HighSnobriety.

  30. Dusseldorf Montarge.jpg

    What a doozy. We were stoked to print this poster, firstly because it came courtesy of well respected poster artist Todd Slater, and secondly because it used a number of great techniques in the one image.

    Technique 1 / split fountain from yellow to red. Deluxe.

    Technique 2 / super fine bitmap for the black smoke. Tidy.

    Technique 3 / what you can't see in these photos is the slightly metallic varnish layer that star-studs the black and carries the name and symbols of the artist. Sublime.

    Technique 4 / transparent bitmap dove. Started off with a transparency of 75%, which proved to be too subtle, then worked our way up to around 35-40%. Beautiful.

    Easily one of the most enjoyable prints we have produced.

  31. Dove Is A Dove

    Sleeba is a leading UK artist specialising in silk screen poster design who has produced original art for an astounding array of rock gods (and goddesses I”m sure). Oasis, Kings of Leon, The Who, Led Zeppelin and Franz Ferdinand, to mention but a few. His work has a unique style and man can he work to an eclectic brief!

    Griffin are about 'discovering new dimensions, exploring creative continents and journeying onwards”. They create garments that draw on a variety of influences and use the raw talents of international designers and crafts-people. Their collection, Made in England, saw them collaborating with old, and new, manufacturers from around the UK.

    Griffin were looking for some design input for a range of posters and t-shirts for the Made in England collection when White Duck introduced them to Sleeba. A meeting was arranged, the project was named ROCK! ART! ROCK!. A brief arrived which simply said; Magic Mushrooms, Wessex, Rock Music, Stonehenge.

    Quite astoundingly, but un-surprisingly, the outcome illustrates some truly classic printed design that could comfortably hang off the wall or shoulders of any discerning art collector.

    Check out the posters