Pigments Of Imagination


It's been talked about for some months now, and finally the time has come.  On thursday July 18th we invite you to join us for the first ever White Duck Editions event: 'Pigments Of Imagination'.  Expect art, screen print, good people and good times -perhaps even a spot of table tennis!  Oh! and a few drinks to help the evening along.

The event is primarily to celebrate the launch of our new Independant Publishing & Editioning wing of White Duck - imaginativly named White Duck Editions - which will open it's virtual doors on the same date.  Building upon the strong creative practice here at White Duck, we will be using White Duck Editions to facilitate our own creatively directed publications and editions.  We plan to work with local creative people, as well as people and organisations from all around the world, to produce exceptional, relevant and thought provoking artworks, editorial publications, and any other content that presents itself naturally to the process. White Duck editions will be a place for ideas to grow, with a firm focus on excellence in screen print. 

'Pigments Of Imagination' will showcase a number of White Duck Editions original screen prints, and act as the launchpad for all that is to follow.

We really look forward to seeing you all there!

Rebecca, Joshua & all of us here at White Duck.